Dual Meter Mount

The Dual Meter Mount

It has never been more easier to mount a CR-100 and a CR-250-RH or a CR-100 and a CR-300-RH simultaneously on a tripod.

Combining the speed of the CR-100 and the accuracy of the CR-250/CR-300 aligning the rubber hoods on the same plane makes calibration a snap.

Dual mounts are provifed with the CR-300-RH/CR-100 and CR-250-RH/CR-100 combos for mounting the two meters side by side on a common tripod to make the task of profiling the colorimeter with the spectroradiometer very easy.


The dual meter mount ships standard when a combination purchase of a CR-100 and CR-250 or a CR-300.

CR-250 and CR-250-RH Dual Mount

CR-300 Dual Mount

CR-300-RH Dual Mount