Wireless Connectivity Quick Start  

WiFi enable your meter

WiFi your meter

The WiFi Box with integrated battery, powers your Colorimetry Research instruments while making it wireless capable, allowing it to be controlled from a remote computer. This can be done using the CRIApp or using Remote Communication commands.

Extend the life of the battery by power it using an external USB battery pack or a power supply.

What’s in the Box

The WiFi Box consists of the following

  • Internal Battery
  • Power switch (battery operation)
  • SD Card (used for firmware updates)
  • Micro USB and Micro USB Host OTG cable with Micro USB Power



Easily connect to any kind of existing WiFi network, or create your own CRIWiFi Access Point


Reliable 1,500mAh battery powers your meter for upto three hours and charges the while running on external power

LED Indicator

Integrated color LED displays wireless status and instrument connectivity.

Universal Mount

Conveniently mounts next to your meter using a compatible universal mount. The universal mounting bar is a standard accessory that is shipped with the instrument.