Detachable Viewing System

Detachable & replaceable from the main body

Detachable Viewing System

The CR-200, CR-250, CR-280 and the CR-300 have been designed with a viewing system that is easily detachable from the instrument’s main body (e.g., snaps in and out manually), and can be replaced with different types of View Finders. A single View Finder can be re-used with any number supported meters.

1. V0-201 Rotatable View Finder

Direct Viewfinders have been utilized for several decades in optical measuring instruments. Typically, the eyepiece is in a fixed location on the instrument and is otherwise non- movable. As such the viewer must align themselves with the angle of the viewing optics to use the eyepiece. This can be disadvantageous in situations where the eyepiece is in an inaccessible and/or uncomfortable spot for the viewer. The instrument overcomes the limitations of the typical direct Viewfinder by offering the horizontally rotatable Viewfinder VO-201.

The VO-201 can be attached to a CR-250 only, cannot be used with CR-300.

2. VO-201-XL Long Rotatable View Finder

Similar to the VO-201, the VO-201-XL is an extra long version that is designed to fit the form factor of the CR-300.

VO-201-XL can be used with the CR-300 only, and cannot be used with CR-250

3. VO-202 Perpendicular View Finder

For those cases where the instrument is mounted vertically on a test fixture or a robotically controlled XYZ table; the Perpendicular Viewfinder VO-202 is an alternative to the rotatable Viewfinder.

4. VO-203 Perpendicular Rotatable View Finder

VO-203 are for CR-300 only, cannot be used with CR-250

5. VO-204 Perpendicular Camera View Finder

The VO-204 is a very compact view finder that couples to a small C-Mount camera for positioning and monitoring the measurement spot from a robotically controlled system.

The camera must be focussed on the aperture, using the set screws, and adjusting the position until the aperture can be seen as sharp black circle.

6. VO-205 Camera View Finder

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